As part of the launch of our new website, we’re delighted to introduce our brand new online client portal.

Accessing key contract and maintenance information at the click of a button, it provides our clients with all the information they need, when they need it.


While we take pride in the personal level of service we provide, we also know that we need to keep innovating to provide the best service we possibly can. And, with our business expanding and going from strength to strength, we’re committed to continuously investing in our systems and processes to keep improving the client experience.


Designed with clients in mind, the MGB Services portal provides comprehensive contract information and up-to-date planned maintenance schedules. This means that clients can now keep track of exactly what maintenance is happening when, and across all the sites they have with us. If you are an existing client of ours, then don’t worry, this won’t replace the usual contact you have with our dedicated helpdesk team. It’s just another way to make our service more efficient and tailored to your needs.


We’ll be in touch with all our clients over the next few months to offer access to the new system. Or feel free to contact us to get your login set-up as quickly as possible.